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Facial cream from hemp oil extract.

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Our hemp skin care cream products are carefully formulated to provide targeted care and noticeable results. Loaded with important fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, our products help to restore and maintain the skin's natural moisture balance. Makes your skin soft and bright. Say goodbye to dry skin and say hello to bright, glowing skin from the inside out.

Product description

We recommend Hemp Skincare Cream to give your skin the peace of mind that Kim Berry Beauty's Hemp Radiance Facial Cream is an excellent skin care product. Immerse yourself in the calming world of hemp and experience the luxury of a meticulous skincare experience. Pure Hemp Inclusion: Start your journey to radiant skin with the power of pure hemp. We use the finest hemp extract that makes up our hemp products. To deliver your skin's natural balance. When you don't touch it, the water compartment: Experience the ultimate hydration. Our nourishing cream helps the skin retain water. Rich in humuronic acid and nourishing oils. Every time you use it, your skin feels moisturized. Soft and pleasant to the touch The beauty of the flora: Encapsulate your senses as the preparation begins. Shea Butter Plant Extract and Emu Tea Oil This is a carefully selected extract that works with Hemp to soothe, revitalize and enhance the health of your beautiful skin. It's the most beautiful skin care you'll ever experience.


Aqua, Hemp Seed Oil( 5000 MG), Shea Butter, Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Ethylhexyl Palmitate, Coco Glucoside, Cetyl stearyl alcohol, Polydimethylsiloxane, Bioactive GeL-1, PEG/PPG-17/6 Copolymer, Octyl Methoxycinnamate liquid, Glyceryl stearate /PEG-100 stearate, 1-Methyl-2-thioxoimidazolidin-4-one, p-Hydroxyacetophenone, 12-Hexanedio1, Emu Oil, Carbomer,Sodium Hyaluronate,Hydrolyzed Sclerotium Gum


    Facial cream from hemp oil extract.
    Facial cream from hemp oil extract.
    Facial cream from hemp oil extract.
    Facial cream from hemp oil extract.
    Facial cream from hemp oil extract.
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